BcomBIO Men's

Resulting from the expertise of the Sicobel Laboratory in phytodermatology, the BcomBIO Homme Natural range is the alliance of the best of biological technology and pharmaceutical rigor.

Each treatment draws its effectiveness from a synergy of natural and high-performance active ingredients, adapted to men’s skin.

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+ Tolerance

BcomBIO Homme cosmetic treatments are designed under pharmaceutical control to guarantee optimal tolerance for all skin types, even the most delicate.

+ Efficiency

The innovative and high-performance plant active ingredients that make up the formulas are rigorously checked and selected for their effectiveness.

+ Natural

BcomBIO Homme products are guaranteed Natural
The BcomBIO Natural Homme pact:
Minimum 95% ingredients of natural origin
Minimum 15% ingredients from Agriculture Organic

+ Welfare

BcomBIO Homme skincare products have been tested and approved by men: fluid, non-greasy and ultra-penetrating textures, fresh and light fragrances.

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